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D'Grease™ (5 Gallon)


The Ultimate Safe Degreaser
D'GREASE offers a high pH solution without the use of caustics such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or other dangerous chemicals.

D'GREASE carries a triple-zero HMIS score and is classified as a non-skin irritant and is non DOT regulated. The risk of burns from traditional caustics
is greatly reduced, as well as reducing the damage that caustics can do to equipment.

D'GREASE is a safe, viable alternative for caustic solution applications,
such as cleaning and degreasing applications. It can be used full strength or diluted with water to replace caustic cleaners.


Cleaning & Degreasing:
Commercial Ovens & Range Hoods

Drain & Sewer Lines:
Sinks & TubsSewer Lines, Toilet ClogsLift StationsGrease Traps.


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